Wednesday, June 18, 2008

W+S the B+W issue

"...truth has its own laws, which are contrary to those of society; and in real history it is not only repression that grows but also the potential for freedom, which is unanimous with the truth content of art." --Theodor Adorno, "Toward a Theory of the Artwork"

With + Stand invites submissions of emergent poetry & prose which (quoting ourselves) "gestures/thinks in around with through against histories (of capital & labor flows global markets trade agreements arts forms bodies states cities societies resistances migrations movements ideologies ideas etc.) & systems" for our second instantiation, the Black & White issue. As we distrust themes, we are taking instead as our organizing principle the black and white of text-on-paper. (Or of other things.) (Given this organizing principle, however, we're inspired to include a note on dialectics and dualism: "Hegel helped Kant's critical philosophy come into its own by criticizing the Kantian dualism of form and content, by drawing the rigid determinations of difference of Kant... into a dynamic without sacrificing the indissolubility of the moments to a flat, unmediated identity." --Adorno, "Aspects of Hegel's Philosophy.") Please send 1-10 pages which address the above as a .doc to by August 1st, 2008. To be spraypainted, duct-taped, and distributed as widely as funds allow in the autumn of 2008.

To those friends who submitted something for issue two these past months: please resend.

(A couple copies of issue #1 are scattered about the W+S mansion; if you haven't had yr DIY poetry fix, drop us a line with a good story & yr address.)

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