Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A note on praxis; copies into the world

"Artworks synthesize ununifiable, nonidentical elements that grind away at each other; they truly seek the identity of the identical and the nonidentical processually because even their unity is only an element and not the magical formula of the whole." -Theodor Adorno, Aesthetic Theory

Theorizing the system as a poetic is explicitly a practice of theorizing the collective. In producing a journal based on this understanding, the aim of W+S has been to negate the glossy individualism of poetry as such. For issue #2, former contributors were invited to also be editors, tagging poets whose work they admired; the connections spiraled out dialectically, creating a dynamic and living process, one that is unified to the precise degree it negates unity. The grinding is the core project.

Tonight, W+S#2 contributor Meg Hamill is part of the State of the Union reading at Pegasus in downtown Berkeley. The first copies of #2 will make their way into the world from there.



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root said...

how do I get in touch with Donato Mancini?