Monday, March 16, 2009

Announcing With + Stand 3: the red issue

With + Stand had a fabulous showing at the Canessa Gallery on Saturday night. The red issue left the evening in droves. Now to mailboxes-- holler if you want your address included in the great shipping out of copies.


26 poets
36 pages

Aaron Begg
Amy King
Anna Vitale
Andrew Zawacki
Ariel Goldberg
Brian Ang
Brooklyn Copeland
Dana Ward
David Buuck
Donato Mancini
Erica Lewis
Franklin Bruno
Jen Hofer
Joshua Ware
Kristin Palm
Kyle Schlesinger
Megan Kaminski
Michael Scharf
Nicholas Karavatos
Piotr Gwiazda
Rodrigo Toscano
Rupert Loydell
Sandra Simonds
Tim Kreiner
and featuring Joshua Clover and Jasper Bernes as
The Office for Experimental Communism

bios below / pic coming soon...


donquixote7w said...

Looks amazing. How do I get a copy?

Dan Thomas-Glass said...

Send an email to

withplusstand [at] gmail [dot] com

with yr address!

Anonymous said...
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