Monday, August 3, 2009

With + Stand 4: the Lisa Robertson Issue

Calling for work.

“As for us, we like a touch of kitsch in each room to juice up or pinken the clean lines of the possible. This is the décor that receives futurity as its own ludic production; this weather is the vestibule to something fountaining newly and crucially and yet indiscernibly beyond. Perhaps here we shall be other than the administrators of poverty.”
—The Office for Soft Architecture, from “Introduction to THE WEATHER”

as hard sky spent cancelled horizon
my own mouth barking perhaps I am
unmentionable ticking against the
dark adjacency of prose lovely home
of gods and punctuation I say this
against the long and burning hills in the
slatey cold of debt”
—Lisa Robertson, Debbie: An Epic

With + Stand 4: The Lisa Robertson Issue

“Perhaps here we shall be other than the administrators of poverty.”

With + Stand, out of a deep collective sense of appreciation for and camaraderie with the great poet of systems and subjectivity Lisa Robertson, seeks submissions for its fourth issue, which will be focused on her work. Creative responses to any of her books or poems are especially encouraged. Critical work which seeks to “pinken the clean lines of the possible” is likewise welcome.

We search for a conversation that says what it says against the “slatey cold of debt.” We search for the “indiscernibly beyond.”

Send Word .docs of 1-15 pages to withplusstand [at] gmail [dot] com
by Saturday October 17th, 2009
(the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake).

A reading and release party will take place in November, somewhere
in the SF Bay Area.

Fountaining newly,,,


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