Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spraypainting party + W+S5 gets props

Dear W+Sers:

I wanted to share these pictures of the epic W+S5 spraypainting party before the W+S5 release party next week, since that will inevitably bring more pictures and I will then forget to share these.

Also, links to Michael Cross's Disinhibitor blog, where he's been reading through W+S5—here and here and here.

Pictures featuring Melissa Mack, Brian Ang, Erica Lewis, Jonathan Robbins, Jesse Hoberman-Kelly, Lauren Levin, Tony Valadez, Aaron Sachs— and not pictured, for some reason, Suzanne Stein.

Also, please note our section on the right of lifetime subscribers to W+S, including information on how you yourself can get a lifetime subscription.



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